About Club Privilege

Who We Are

We are a fantasy club in Pretoria, where we offer you, our member, a safe, clean and sexy space to live out your wildest fantasies.  Us, the partners are all part of the lifestyle, hence we know what our members want and need.  We are a dynamic group of partners of multiple age groups dedicated to giving our members the best Swingers Club experience South Africa has to offer.

What We Do

We are a Swingers Club, managed by Swingers for Swingers.

We host a party every Saturday and a themed party every last Saturday of the month. We also have Meet & Greet socials every Wednesday night.  Once a month we host a fantasy Wednesday party, where our members get to choose the fantasy.

If you have a birthday coming up, let us know in advance and we can make your birthday special in a sexy way.