Welcomes You No 1 Rated Swingers Club in Gauteng.

To bring swinging into the mainstream, something that should not have be hidden, frowned on or thought of as wrong in any way.
We wanted our lifestyle to be morally and sociably acceptable, to the point where its simply just another lifestyle choice that people can make.
We were recently featured on Cliff Central and Jacaranda 94.2.
To do this, we needed a safe, clean and well-managed environment where swingers can be themselves., where they can express their desires and live their fantasy without fear of judgement.

Club Privilege is:

  • Safe & secure
  • 100% legal
  • Hygenic and clean (cleanliness is not-negotiable)
  • Cosy and personal
  • Owned and run by swingers
  • Drug-free (if you need drugs to have a good time, please pick another club)
  • Caters for smokers and non-smokers
  • Accepting of all different types of lifestyles
  • The yardstick against which every other swingers venue measures itself.

  • Sexy In Black
  • 02 Dec 2017 Sexy Island Party
  • 09 Dec 2017 Tie me up
  • 16 Dec 2017 Sexy Shoes
  • 23 Dec 2017 Naughty North Pole
  • 30 Dec 2017 Eyes Wide Shut
  • Dec Meet & Greet